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Educare takes place during the EAD PLUS Science Fair. During the Science Fair, there shall be parallel sessions for teachers, finalists, corporate sponsors, educators and other industry related stakeholders to present and discuss issues relating to Science Education, Education Management and Research. Educare sessions include hands-on workshops, lecture like presentations and panel discussions.

Any individual who is a registered adult fair participant can submit an application for an Educare Session. Additionally, applications from local science experts and educators are welcome.

Commercial Products and Services can be promoted at the Educare Sessions through exhibitions and presentations.

Special Awards

  • Best Dancer of the year
  • Best Singer of the year
  • Best Artist of the year
  • Best Instrumentalist of the year
  • Best Poet of the year


  • Animator of the year
  • Game Inventor of the year
  • Coding of the year
  • Engineer of the year
  • Robotic Inventor of the year
  • Best Biotech of the year

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EAD Plus science fairs nominate the top 10% of 6th through 12th grade participants to enter this prestigious competition.


This year’s Excellence in Education Awards is bringing together community members, corporations, school administrators, teachers, parents, non-profit organizations and other agencies in the educational sector to celebrate the power of education of students in Ghana.  

“Excellence in Education is what we aim to promote!”

EAD Group


  • International School of the year
  • Private School of the year
  • British School of the year
  • American School of the year
  • High School of the year
  • Primary School of the year
  • Christian School of the year
  • Head teacher / principal/ Dean of the year
  • Teacher of the year in Primary education
  • Teacher of year in Secondary Education
  • Primary Student of the year
  • High School Student of the year
  • Most Influential Educationist of the year
  • Supporting Company of the year
  • Supporting Media of the year
  • Supporting parent of the year
  • Supporting Foundation of the year

Honorary Awards

  • Excellence in leadership
  • Excellence in Science
  • Excellence in Technologies
  • Excellence in Engineering education
  • Excellence in Math education
  • Lifetime Educational Achievement Award

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